“Night of the Monster Men” continues on with Detective Comics #941. What new spore of madness will we see next?! Is it good?

Detective Comics #941 (DC Comics)


The Breakdown

James Tynion IV helped co-write this one with Steve Orlando and both of them did a great job here. The continuity felt very closely linked with the other parts of the event, the dialogue was solid, and the characterization for all the characters is top-notch, particularly one moment between Nightwing and Gotham Girl) The ending features a very intriguing twist, one I can’t wait to see play out in the next installment. All was good here on the writing side of things and hopefully the remaining three issues will keep it that way.

Andy McDonald handles the art alongside John Rauch as colorist. Going by what I’ve seen of McDonald’s artwork before in other series, I’ve always considered his work pretty good. However, in Detective Comics #941, he really steps up his game, doing a fantastic job at capturing the creepy horror vibe of the event and an awesome monster design. With Rauch’s moody and eerie colors, this was just a very good looking book all around. I’m eager to see these two team up again in the future.


Is It Good?

Detective Comics #941 is a solid installment in the Monster Men storyline. It kept the story and action going, provided some nice character moments and developments, and was backed up with solid writing and artwork. So far, this is one of the best mini-events/crossovers I read in a long time. It’s just a lot of creepy fun the perfect treawt for the Halloween season.

Detective Comics #941 Review
Solid "Monster Men" installment.Solid writing and twist ending.Artwork is great.
Doesn’t focus much on the characters from the current Detective Comics series.Not for readers who haven’t been reading the main Batman book.
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