I have to say with this series my basic white girl exclamations are becoming more prominent. I CAN’T EVEN!

The Flash #7 (DC Comics)

There is so much happening now in Central City. Flash has finally found out who Godspeed is and it’s such a big blow. “Lightning Strikes Twice” Part 7: “No More Speedsters” shows the aftermath of this realization and how it will start affecting Barry’s life. We get a better look at Wally West and find out a little more about how the speed force works. There is even a deeper look into Godspeed’s mind and he continues to exterminate more citizens. The Flash is really going to need some help–fast!

Is It Good?

My compliments to Joshua Williamson for writing such a great introduction to our new villain. The main dialogue in the issue is from Godspeed’s point of view and gives a perfectly psychotic insight into why he’s on a rampage. There’s a great scene where the delusion of heroism is just fantastic. The friendship between Barry and August Heart is done by the looks of things–I mean, I would hope so. There’s some great back and forth between the two and August has a diabolical sarcasm that makes his new persona even more menacing. The narration boxes for each change throughout as well. Godspeed now has his own coloring for his inner thoughts. I thought that was a great touch. The entire issue is intense–both the writing and the art–and the emotional depth is amazing. Wally West has a much bigger role and begins to find his place in more of a partner role. I can see him become a more common part of this story line. Also, if you have an interest in learning more about the speed force, there are a few new aspects that come to light.

There is so much death; it gets emotional. I had a hard time reading some parts just due to the fact that it got a bit depressing. I have no problem with death and destruction but I got a pretty emotional attachment and if you have a hard time with feelings take your time with this one. Honestly, beside that I loved this issue.

The Flash #7 Review
Great insight into the antagonistIntense artEnergy everywhere
Extremely hard emotionally
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