After breaking up Emmett and Edna, Marty had to the “car of the future” up and running. With Emmett’s help they get to work on building a new DeLorean. Unfortunately since Doc decided to try to help Edna out with her man troubles she becomes an even bigger problem for the two. After a heated confrontation–and an unfortunate loss–Edna ends up taking a time travel trip of her own. In a series of missteps, Marty and Doc finally get back on track to stop any more temporal issues. Hill Valley is in for a big change if they can’t stop her in time.

With this final installment of Back to the Future: Citizen Brown we’ll finally see if Marty’s life will ever be the same again. Is it good?

Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #5 (IDW Publishing)

I’m still loving the great recap before each issue–it definitely helps to get caught up after a few weeks away. The first scene is Marty using his internal mode to go over the consequences of everything that’s happened. First of all he’s trying to understand why Citizen Brown is still in existence; if Edna and Emmett never got together, he should be gone. And a great question that I hadn’t even thought of: How did the DeLorean exist in that timeline? I’m liking the mystery being built up for the last issue.

There are some really great suspenseful scenes within the story lines as well. Edna becomes a big part of everything happening. Gale and Burnham really did some work on her personality for this one. I took her as a bad guy for most of the series and it’s nice to see some more personality come through.

Robinson is doing some great things with the artistic style for a large portion of the book. Doc’s expressions are still overly pronounced. It makes for a great visual. On a side note, the variant cover by Deth Phimmasone and David Baron is awesome. The style is very classic and I just think it’s beautiful.
Marty’s internal conversation is still doing a great job filling in gaps but I almost feel like it’s too much for this issue. The story itself is really full and I would have liked to see more dialogue between some of the characters in a few sections–the beginning would have been nice with a little more interaction between Emmett and Marty. There are a few times where some of the characters eyes don’t have pupils–freaks me out.

The series was good; I like the first and last issues the best. I think they did a nice job giving these characters a new story to build from.

Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #5 Review
Great recap information for new readers​​New questions that get you involvedGreat variant art
Needs more character interactionMinor missing artisitc details
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