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Green Arrow #8 Review

After a two issue, Emi-focused story arc, we’re back to Green Arrow who’s trapped on a island. He’s not alone though, as Black Canary is keeping him company, but there’s something lurking under the island that might ruin their accidental holiday. Is it good?

Green Arrow #8 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The DC summary reads:

“ISLAND OF SCARS” part one! Artist Otto Schmidt returns to GREEN ARROW for the story fans have been waiting for! Following the life-changing events of the past few issues, Green Arrow and Black Canary are back where Ollie’s journey began: the shores of a deserted island, where DC’s most turbulent super-couple have no distraction—and no escape—from their powerful feelings for each other.

Why does this book matter?

Writer Ben Percy has managed to keep Green Arrow on his toes while complicating his love life to no end. He just narrowly escaped death after losing everything else, and if you’re not curious where this Black Canary relationship is going you just hate love.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

She’s a vision.

This is a romance book through and through, with much of the book focused on Green Arrow whispering sweet nothings to Black Canary. Much of the book shows us at a happier time for them, including a sultry sex scene–which culminates into a bit of a fight between them. Percy does a good job showing how their upbringings change the way they look at hardships which gives their relationship an interesting wrinkle.

Diggle encounters an interesting villain that will assuredly make you curious. He’s attacked by something that is curious and will make you want answers. It’s this element that will drive you to want the next issue yesterday.

The art by Otto Schmidt is good with a slower pace due to the less complex layouts. Black Canary is flat out smoking and you’ll believe these two are very much in love (or maybe just lust).

It can’t be perfect can it?

There’s very little action in this issue with much of it focused on the romance and I can’t say it carries things quite as effectively as it should have. Basically the book focuses too much on them, not mixing in enough of action or at the very least more info on the threat. In the collected format I’m sure this issue will feel fine, but in a single issue it’s not enough unless you’re dying for a romantic issue.

Somebody wants something.

Is It Good?

Green Arrow and Black Canary’s relationship is focused on with plenty of sultry scenes to get readers hot and bothered. I’m not sure the balance of that and the impending threat is done well enough though, making the issue feel too focused on them.


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