Monster Men. Gotham City. Explosions. Nightwing turned into a monster – all of this is happening in this issue. Let’s find out – Is It Good?

Nightwing #6 (DC Comics)


I really feel like Nightwing drew the short straw in this crossover. First, he gets transformed into a monster, which is typically a bad day. Then, while Batman does his amazing Clayface thing (see Batman #8 for the amazingness) to stop Gotham Girl — Nightwing is squared off against falling, and a big needle.


After the initial surprise/shock, and cure, everything just kind of pauses. The plot limps along a bit, nothing of crazy importance happens, and it seems like the entire issue is a lead up to the final panels. A must read, but excuse issue.

Is It Good?

That’s the problem. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is. I can’t judge the entire book on its final, great panels, but I’m almost forced to, based on the nonaction that’s happening.


The previous issue of Nightwing did quite a bit more with the subject matter at hand, and felt far less like a deep breath before the final parts of Monster Men.

Nightwing #6 Review
Solid artwork, and Duke - as per usual - is kickass as ever.Final reveal is a throwback and foreshadow all at once.
Just felt like a placeholder. Action was slow, events small, final page while great did not make up.
6.5Overall Score
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