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Amazing Spider-Man #19 Review

So often superheroes save people, beat the villain, and generally do good, but how often do you honestly feel like they are heroic? Spider-Man is different. There are so many memorable moments where Spider-Man literally puts it all on his back to save those who can’t save themselves. Spoiler alert, a similar moment happens in this issue, but is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #19 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? The Marvel summary reads:

BEFORE “DEAD NO MORE”…Someone in the Amazing Spider-Man’s orbit dies. Peter, once again, has to choose between being Spider-Man and his personal life and it doesn’t go well for him. Also, get the other side of the Spider-Man/Kingpin story from the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY story.

Why does this book matter?

Writer Dan Slott has been ramping up the return of the Jackal, who has discovered a better way of cloning. In fact, he doesn’t call it “cloning” at all, and by bringing people back they become his slaves. With a bunch of Spider-Man’s rogues in his employ it’s only going to get more exciting from here.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Some lucky bugger is going to buy the original and put this on their wall!

This was the most Spider-Man-centric issue we’ve gotten out of this series. From seeing him bounce around in a panel, with multiple phantom versions dictating his path, to Spider-Man saving people when it’s probably the least convenient for him personally, this issue has it all. Slott does a fantastic job building up Jay’s (J. Jonah Jameson’s father) drop in health. Jackal is of course on the other side of things promising a cure for Jay (who also happens to be Aunt May’s boyfriend), which has ramped up the tricky situation Peter is in. He knows the medicine that could cure him is bad, but can’t tell anyone because he only knows this because of his Spider-Sense. Oy vey! As the clock ticks down on Jay’s life everything is leading towards the old Parker luck winning the day.

Giuseppe Camuncoli does an amazing job on this issue. The pace and layouts are brisk and gorgeous. There’s a few tense scenes with characters simply on the phone, and Camuncoli does a good job zeroing in on mouths and eyes to convey the tension between them. The scenes with Spider-Man are jaw dropping good and he positively nails a scene involving Peter single handedly holding up a crane. It’s without a doubt some of his best work. If he continues like this he’ll be in the running for one of the best Spider-Man artists ever.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The backup progresses Jackal’s story nicely, but it ties into the Free Comic Book Day comic which left me a bit lost. When this takes place remains to be seen; I’m going to say after the events in the main story, but who knows. It’s a minor gripe but it would have been nice to know when it takes place.

Why is Aunt May always calling at the worst times?!

Is It Good?

There are so many elements that make Spider-Man great in Amazing Spider-Man #19 that it’s hard not to gush. This was the most Spider-Man filled issue we’ve seen in some time!

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