Deadpool’s jumpin’ in his ride, he’s heading out tonight
He’s solo, he’s ridin’ solo, he’s ridin’ solo, he’s ridin’ solo, solo

Yeah, that’s enough Jason Derulo for one review. But it’s true — Deadpool and his former crew, The Mercs for Money, unceremoniously parted ways in Deadpool #18 — which means he’s all by his lonesome for the rescue mission facing him in Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #4.

Well, until those other guys (and gal) calling themselves the Mercs for Money on the cover show up, that is…

Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #4 (Marvel Comics)



  • Bad-ass opening? Check. In the first few pages, Deadpool parachutes from the back of a jet into a heavily fortified building, rappels down smokestacks, spinkicks armored guards, and drops self-proclaimed “poot humor” the whole time — the stuff definitive Deadpool stories are made of.
  • Pompous? Little bit. But about as close as you’re gonna get to Deadpool admitting he misses his old Mercs for Money crew.
  • deadpool-and-the-mercs-for-money-4-iou

  • I reiterate this every few reviews, but writer Cullen Bunn’s characterization of Deadpool seems to improve with every installment. More and more he proves he has a great handle on DP’s demeanor, dialogue and how to finely balance both the character’s humor and efficacy.
  • This makes me want to see an Alien vs. Deadpool crossover.
  • Poor Negasonic Teenage Warhead. I was just getting used to seeing her with a full head of hair. Then again, this does mean we get to see she and Deadpool throw down together, just like in the movie; I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner, actually.
  • Deadpool and Negasonic vs. Titania and Scorpia. Who ya got? Also, fun Wikipedia fact: “During Christopher Priest’s run on Deadpool, Titania appears as a roommate of Deadpool and the supervillain Constrictor, but is later revealed to be the shapeshifter Copycat. She was originally intended to be the real Titania, but Marvel editors came up with the Copycat explanation in order to resolve the continuity conflict with Dan Jurgens’ cancer storyline simultaneously occurring in Thor.” That makes Deadpool’s, “I know you, right?” comment towards Titania all the sweeter. Continuity props, Mr. Bunn.
  • That “garcon” comment Deadpool makes after getting gut-punched had me cheesin’ hard, I won’t lie. Bunn’s becoming one of the more consistently funny DP writers.
  • deadpool-and-the-mercs-for-money-4-plane-dive

  • The “radioactive powers” motif Bunn’s had brewing since issue #1 is an interesting one, and once again, props to him for plucking the majority of these characters from relative obscurity and making them entertaining — but whether or not these villains can prove to be formidable, congruous foes for Deadpool and the Mercs remains to be seen.
  • Hey, Deadpool’s getting telekinetically javelin-tossed the length of a few football fields; what is this, Cable/Deadpool?
  • Spoiler alert: Domino and the rest of the characters comprising the new Mercs for Money on the cover don’t make an appearance this issue. Well, that’s not entirely true — they do show up on the very last page, but considering the amount marketing prominence they’ve had as of late in the title (especially on the cover), it’s still a bit disappointing they didn’t figure more into the equation this issue. Still, build-up is build-up, and I look forward to seeing how the fresh, new cast works alongside Deadpool/how much more cohesiveness they can bring as a team compared to the previous crew.
  • Iban Coello (artist) and Guru-eFx (colorist) are straight superb on art. Coello’s been impressing me since Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #1 and he manages, as is custom at this point, to make every single page entice. Seriously, dude puts in work and his fluid visual storytelling is is punctuated by insane detail, myriad facial expressions and rampant energy. Look no further than this issue’s opening sequence for ample proof, like the treads on Deadpool’s bootsoles as he parachutes into the fray:
  • deadpool_and_the_mercs_for_money_4_preview_1

    To his vicious beatdown of some Umbral Dynamics security personnel:


    Guru-eFx sets the mood for this scene with cool purple hues on the cryogenic chambers and the gloss from disguised Deadpool’s hazmat suit visor:


Is It Good?

That it is. Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #4 is another fine fusion of action, fun and humor that Deadpool fans old and new alike can appreciate. For those of you who were growing tired of Deadpool’s synergy (or lack thereof) with Solo, Foolkiller, Slapstick and the other Mercs for Money — this is the perfect jumping on spot — both for Deadpool’s individual efforts in this installment and the anticipation of how he’ll mesh with his brand new gang.

Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #4 Review
Deadpool kickin' ass solo.Bunn's grasp of the character's demeanor and humor improve with every outing.Amazing art by Iban Coello and Guru-eFx.
Ultimately a filler issue leading to the next.Misleading cover.
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