In the first part of Final Fate of Earth 2 writer Dan Abnett may have just struck a hard reboot. We find out what happened to the world this week, but is it good?

Earth 2: Society #17 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? Just read our exclusive preview to find out!

Why does this book matter?

I came into this series like a lot of people, not knowing who these characters were or what has happened to them. I quickly learned who they were due to good character writing and the stakes were high and quite entertaining. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Visually striking.

Visually, artist Bruno Redondo (along with colorist Rex Lokus) will blow you away with this issue. The world has changed into some kind of unfinished white space waiting for color and detail to wrap things up. The characters are just as bewildered as we are and some are even ready to quit. Redondo uses this white and blank space to create a sense of emptiness and fear that’s not unlike whiteouts in Fargo. Through this lack of detail and color the characters are scared and perturbed which helps enhance the action. The characters themselves are well rendered and detailed as hell, which makes an even starker contrast between them and the surroundings. There are also some nice blur effects with Flash and a very freaky full page spread of men in black trench coats and masks.

Which is what’s most unnerving about all of this! Abnett essentially forces the reader to figure out what is going on. These men in black are for some reason wanting to kill and destroy our heroes. Abnett sets up a situation for our heroes that is new to them (having superpowers gives you confidence, I’m sure) as they are afraid and confused on what they should do. Fury in particular goes through incredible anguish and pain in this issue that you won’t want to miss. Abnett closes the issue with a surprising twist that will most definitely have me coming back for more.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Given the threat, there isn’t a lot of fighting in this book. More standing around and talking about what to do. That said, it’s a minor gripe given how unnerving the events in the issue are (and how damn cool the visuals are too).

Nice detail.

Is It Good?

Visually striking and incredibly inventive, Earth 2 Society #17 is exactly what you’ll need to break the malaise of cliched comic books. This offers a delectably unnerving story and most importantly, an exciting reset.

Earth 2: Society #17 Review
A big idea pays off Creepy and unnerving situation for our heroesLooks great
Not much fighting with a lot of talking going on which slows things down
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