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Gotham Academy: Second Semester #2 Review

Detective Club: Back in business! With the second semester beginning it’s time for the club to start meeting again. There are a few complications though. Olive’s new roommate,Amy, is taking up a lot of time and Maps is feeling a bit neglected. Ending the first meeting back with a bit of a down note and as strange disappearances start to occur, it’s time for the team to get it together. Maps is working really hard to find a case and keep the club together but may have found something too big for them to handle. Can they pull it together in time? Is it good?​

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #2 (DC Comics)

Olive is still dealing with her new troublesome roommate when Maps excitedly reappears ready to go for the second semester. There’s a noticeable uncertainty when anyone is dealing with Amy which makes me extremely curious as to where she came from and what role she’s going to be playing in the future with the club–but for this issue her part is pretty small except for the fact that she’s taking up a large abundance of Olive’s time. This is not sitting well with Maps or the rest of the group, so of course it leads to the conflict of the day.

There’s a new character introduced in the very beginning that shows up again who looks like they’re going to be trouble–especially when students start disappearing. The dialogue is great for a younger audience; it’s made to be fun and entertaining. There’s also a creepy undertone for the new antagonist and some of the main characters end up getting a bit too involved. I like the division of the group to push them to get back together–it’s a great start to the drama.

Amy’s role is still undefined. I know she’s going to be a large part of the series but there is no clue to whether it will be a plus or minus for the group. I like the suspense but I do think her role could have been a little more defined in this issue. She’s more of a distraction than anything this time around.

Is It Good?

Overall this is a really great issue. I like the availability to the younger crowd and the story is fun and mysterious. The art really showcases the fantasy feel and pops off the page.


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