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The Flash #8 Review

With Godspeed taking justice into his own hands, Barry has to act fast to save-yes, save-the inmates in Iron Heights. This includes his mother’s killer. The one good thing about this fiasco is that Kid Flash is here to help The Flash take care of business. What will Flash do and how can he defeat his former friend? Barry has a lot of thinking to do and no time to do it.

Is it good?

The Flash #8 (DC Comics)


Introducing “Kid Flash”! The Flash #8 is a great story and a great introduction to the brand new speedster partner Flash is taking under his wing. There’s a lot going on in Barry’s mind and the flashbacks are a great insight into his treatment of Kid Flash. Williamson is still doing a great job describing the turmoil Barry is having to deal with during his transition into realizing his friend isn’t coming back. There’s also the issue of having to save the man who killed his mother; I mean, that’s got to be a difficult decision — justice or not.

Wally’s presence in this issue works great. He is the protégé and friend Barry needs to help him mentally prepare for this disaster. I’m loving the character building being done for Wally. His excitement and eagerness is perfect — and there’s barely a hint of fear from him either. The costume adaptation is amazing and its appearance was great as well. Teamwork is the new norm (I hope) because it’s working really well. The Speed Force is powerful and it has some surprises waiting for Barry and Wally soon — if the awesome cliffhanger at issue’s end is any indication.


I keep forgetting about the previous Wally West from the Titans. I know that it was discussed some in issue #1 but there is a quick reference to it in the end section. I wish there had been a little more background information about the alternate universe included in the previous issues. A little more information about the other Wally would have helped a little more with understanding of Flash’s fondness for Kid Flash.

The artwork by Carmine Di Giandomenico is still amazing but I’m still seeing a few panels that seem a bit lazier than others. More so with the outlines and smaller details. It seems to be appearing more in the later issues than what I’ve seen before. It would be nice to see more interaction with CCPD and Iris as well. I really like the interaction between the “regular” world and the world of The Flash, but there’s really no interaction with the world outside of the speed force in the past few issues.


As always, I’m looking forward to the next story. It should have more Kid Flash involvement and hopefully some more insight into how Central City is dealing with the aftermath of Godspeed.

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