So far, Kong of Skull Island has been a string of near misses and disappointments. While I appreciate the attention being given to the human characters (especially Ewata), their bickering and backstabbing has somehow overshadowed the occasional (and gorgeous) pages of giant gorillas fighting against dinosaurs.

This week, however, Kong of Skull Island #4 looks like it might finally gives us the all out monster brawl we’ve been waiting for. Is it good?

Kong of Skull Island #4 (IDW Publishing)



  • kong-of-skull-island-4-kong-fighting-dinos

  • …and humans expositing over it. Ugh. Please just shut up.
  • Wow. These raptors make the ones from Jurassic Park look stupid.
  • And we’re back to tribal politics. Yay.
  • Okay, I still don’t like all this over the top dialogue, but that was a seriously cool execution scene.
  • Not a good time or place to take a swim, buddy.
  • Not a good time or place to start a community, either.


Is It Good?

I’m afraid I’m going to have to tap out on Kong of Skull Island. As beautiful as Carlos Magno’s art is, the stilted interactions and predictable plotline are suffocating all the excitement out of the story.

I do like the reason writer James Asmus gives for why a group of people would choose to live in such a dangerous place, but the path we took to get there was a chore to read. While I would like to see what was up with those hyper-intelligent raptors we saw, I’d rather just skip this part of the story and let the movie fill in the blanks, instead.

Kong of Skull Island #4 Review
The art is gorgeous and the monster fights are great.
Unfortunately, all of that is suffocated by a plodding narrative and stilted, over the top dialogue.
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