Batman knows he has to take out Bane; the villain’s connected via Psycho Pirate, and Venom, to the recent destruction in Gotham during the “Night of the Monster Men” storyline. Batman also has to get his hands on the Pirate in order to help Gotham Girl. Welcome to “I Am Suicide”:

Batman #9 (DC Comics)


The Monster Men are vanquished and the city has rebuilt, but the Psycho Pirate and Bane are still out there, and with Gotham Girl still reeling from her brother and her run in with the Pirate, Batman takes a page from Amanda Waller, and recruits directly from Arkham Asylum.

His choices, are a bit suspect – but as usual, Batman is playing 4D Monopoly, and when he’s about to face THIS big bastard – I’ll trust his judgement:

Yeah, bit more intense than DKR…

Is It Good?

A slightly slower issue to set the stage for what seems to be a battle royale between Bane and Batman’s own Suicide Squad is on the surface, fine. Monster Men was an intense crossover, so a slower issue is worth a shot – but after the frantic pace of the last few months, this seems almost too slow – like when a moron in front of you is taking a turn, and slows to a crawl instead of just TAKING THE GOD DAMN TURN ALREADY.

I will say – while Bats window shopping in Arkham is great, the real star of this issue is 100% Bane. A man that swam every night, all night just to stay alive in prison, is a force of nature – one that Batman promises to not take lightly.


This arc promises to be very good, so I say jump aboard now, when the jumping is good. Also – keep an eye out for the final reveal, as you might have an inkling that a few characters will be in this book for a while.

Batman #9 Review
Great set up issue for the next arc - Batman's version of a Suicide SquadBane - a much bigger, badder, and shadowy Bane than we've seen.There's something about watching Bats in a well lit environment, when he's the only stone-cold badass that makes him seem even MORE scary.
Slow issue to set the next arc in motion - probably best to read with issue 10
8.5Overall Score
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