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Lucifer #11 Review

A new god of everything wants to make us all slaves, but thankfully Lucifer is standing in said new god’s way. Lucifer is the hero and dammit it’s time to fight a war; we check out the latest issue, but is it good?

Lucifer #11 (Vertigo)

So what’s it about? The Vertigo summary reads:

This is the point of no return: God’s scheme to strip angels and demons alike of free will is in full effect, and all worlds are on edge as his new soldiers begin to rebuild the Silver City. Lucifer, Gabriel and Mazikeen have located Elaine Belloc, but the reunion doesn’t go as planned. As the battle brews and Elaine’s alliance becomes uncertain, the outcome of Lucifer’s inevitable showdown with God becomes more unpredictable than ever before.

Why does this book matter?

Writer Holly Black and artist Lee Garbett have managed to make this story feel big and mythical. Lucifer‘s main story always seems to tie into storied pasts or grand schemes and this new story arc is no different. I mean, Lucifer vs. a brand new god of everything? Epic isn’t big enough of a word.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This issue is a relaxed affair.

This issue is in large part a table setting affair as it checks in with most of the characters in play, gets Lucifer in a place to actually be capable of fighting off a god and explores Elaine Belloc’s relationship with Lucifer. “Pain is the seed of pleasure,” is a line used in this issue which has to foreshadow quite a bit as it’s quite clear an all out war is brewing even though this issue is relatively peaceful.

One of the more interesting elements in this issue involves captions that explain what the world is like now that angels and demons are walking amongst us. With Heaven and Hell being rocked with new leadership the Earth is seeing some spill over. In two pages Black clearly explains what the day to day life is like on Earth and it’s quite fascinating. An entire TV show could probably exist in this premise alone and it makes you think.

Belloc and Lucifer converse for much of the issue and their chat supplies interesting questions about Lucifer’s past. Lucifer is so relaxed and uncaring while Belloc emotional and reactive that an interesting dynamic is struck between them. There’s also a fantastic recounting of Lucifer’s past depicted in child-like drawings that shouldn’t be missed.

Once again, Garbett positively kills it when the new evil god appears. I also really dig the angels’ new costumes which are much more villainous than any heavenly angel should be. There’s a lot of emotions flying in this issue and not once will you be confused by the facial expressions. Lucifer’s relaxed look does a lot to express his current state of mind and it only enhances the tension that’s building too.

It can’t be perfect can it?

As a table setting issue not a lot happens save for a key moment for Lucifer’s son. Characters are powering up or being ushered to locations so as to get the ball rolling further. It remains to be seen why the new evil god isn’t just smiting the world already which only enhances the twiddling thumbs feel of the pace in this issue.

Interesting perspective

Is It Good?

Thought provoking conversation and a cool look at what the Earth is like now that angels and demons roam can be found here. It’s a table setting issue for sure, but if you’ve read this far you’ll dig it.


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