Oh man. OH MAN. The s--t got real in mid-air, right before it hit the fan. All the various hints and pieces of lore have been barreling down the tracks aiming at this issue, and are ready to SMASH into a reader’s brain at 90mph.

This is Rumble, and this book is crazy god-damn good every week–and even more so with issue 15!

Rumble #15 (Image Comics)


I’ve been a huge fan of this since I started reviewing it, and the quality has continued to rise every month. With issue 15, we reach the end of another story arc, and everything feels like it’s kicked up another notch of crazygoawesomeness.

Here, catch up.

Seems a bit complex on the surface, so let’s boil it down: Big barbarian god is now a scarecrow, needs asses to kick and his heart and body back. And like I said: this issue has it all in spades:

“Oh ok, well at least we’ve cleared that up”

With Rathraq’s body being used by Asura, and Ratpack right there beside him, this issue is a pure slugfest, filled with city-wide destruction, sword decapitations, and a great deal of collateral damage:


With all of this,

Is It Good?

This is a pure action issue setting up a final five pages of heartwrenching plot twists and preparing the reader for the next arc in a way that makes waiting until next month NEARLY GOD-DAMN IMPOSSIBLE.

Now, a Rumble review wouldnt be complete without some Del Slaughter, so I figured I’d bring him along as well:


If you’ve not started this, grab the collected editions and catch up now, because I can honestly say that the next 10 issues should be even more insane. GRAB IT.

Rumble #15 Review
Art is, as always, completely on point and perfect for this taleThis is a book that isn't pulling punches - everything matters.
Zilch - you should be reading this.
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