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Spell on Wheels #1 Review

Three women with magical powers set out to find some very important items stolen from them by a person from their past in this brand new series. Is it good?

Spell on Wheels #1 (Dark Horse Comics)


Claire, Jolene, and Andy are your average mid-twenty year olds, except that they have magical powers, each with a different talent. While they are at work one day, a young man breaks into their apartment and steals some very valuable magical objects, including a spell that can trigger magical powers in those with the potential. While the young man has his own reasons for wanting this spell, he’s also working for a mysterious figure who desperately wants the spell. As the guy starts putting their stuff on an auction site, the girls set off on a road trip to get as much back as they can, as well as figuring out why this happened in the first place.

Is It Good?

I love the concept for this comic: a diverse group of young women with magical powers set out on a road trip in a contemporary world with magic hits a lot of positive buttons for me. And overall, I think the series is off to a solid start. Each of the girls has a distinct personality and attitude, the world being built is interesting with room for depth, and the art fits the story perfectly.


The team does a good job of not suffering from the first issue exposition dump by dropping us directly into the story, though there is a bit of awkward first issue dialogue. Because of this, we just get a glimpse of the world they are creating, but I like that it has a unique take on a contemporary magic world. Here, people can have the potential magical powers that have to be triggered. I also like that there are lots of different types of powers beyond the usual telepathy–Jolene is a technopath, something that isn’t explored very often in fantasy.

The art is really adorable and inviting; Marissa Louise’s vibrant colors perfectly complement Megan Levens’ inking. Each girl has her own style, helping define their characters beyond the dialogue. (I wonder if I’m right that Abby’s hair is an homage to Laura from The Wicked + The Divine.)


Levens has a deft hand with facial expressions, and I also like that the girls’ postures and physicality match their personalities. Abby is the youngest and the most unsure about her powers, and Levens draws her often curled up with her arms around her legs. It’s a great touch.

I’m definitely in to see where this series goes, especially now that the girls are on the road in their sweet ride. I’m sure many shenanigans will follow.


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