Spider-Woman is a mom and with that comes some much-needed relaxation. It might be October, but she’s going on a beach getaway with her baby. Knowing comics though, there’s no way this going to be a relaxing affair. All we care about though is the answer to the question: Is it good?

Spider-Woman #12 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? The Marvel summary reads:

Porcupine and Jess go on a whirlwind adventure! Plus: More diaper changing!

Why does this book matter?

Not every comic needs to tie into an event, be overly dramatic, or deal with death. No, comics can be fun. This issue aims to do that.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a mom and a superhero.

This issue is just plain fun. Spider-Woman and Porcupine go to the beach bringing their kids with them and Sandman shows up (of course he does) to ruin their fun. Dennis Hopeless gives the script a nice pace and an airy vibe as the heroes deal with Sandman with a shrug and a grunt. They’re professionals, and it’s Porcupine’s turn after all, so he takes Sandman on directly. While this is certainly mostly a fight book, Hopeless ties a flashback in to give the climax added emotional resonance but also introduces the issue with a nice sequence of Spider-Woman’s usual baby caring life.

Veronica Fish draws a strong issue with a nice cartoonist style that gives the expressions and action extra attitude. The action is fun and energized. Sandman has an in your face look with a huge chin and an even bigger attitude. There are plenty of images of children in the book (all look good which is tough to do) which makes the narrative feel lighter and more fun.

Ultimately this issue serves as a way to show Porcupine and Spider-Woman have a growing bond. That’ll pay dividends later when (or if) things get complicated for them. It shows they’re comfortable with each other and maybe things could get more serious.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is a done in one sort of tale that doesn’t add a lot to the plot or characters. I’m the type that likes a bit of progress in their stories, but admittedly stories like this are a good break when needed. Porcupine is the star for much of this too which will disappoint Spider-Woman fans I’m sure.

Relaxing day they said…

Is It Good?

Spider-Woman is a relaxing sort of series that allows you to smirk as you enjoy the lighter moments of superherodom. This issue delivers a good one-shot tale that shows us a “day off” for superheroes.

Spider-Woman #12 Review
Cartoonist sort of art that gives the book levity, but also expressive facial expressionsA fun one-shot story showcasing heroes on their "day off"
Spider-Woman doesn't do a lot in this with Porcupine doing most of the work
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