Mjölnir makes Thor who she is in a lot of ways as it gives him powers that make him truly super (which I imagine Unworthy Thor will explore). That makes an issue like this, all about Mjölnir’s past, all the more important. Question is, is it good?

The Mighty Thor #12 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? The Marvel summary reads:

Forged from the mystical metal known as Uru, Thor’s Hammer is the key to a power that only the worthy can wield. But what makes one worthy to carry this weapon? Is it destiny? Or does the hammer choose its partner? Discover the storied history of Thor’s greatest ally — The MIGHTY MJOLNIR!

Why does this book matter?

Promises of new information about the history of Mjölnir? Sign me up! Russell Dauterman and Frazer Irving share art duties on this which means we’re in for a major flashback (usually another artist is used for flashbacks to help convey the difference in time with style). Giddyup.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

If you read Thor: God of Thunder you’ll know this is awesome.

It’s not much of a spoiler to say writer Jason Aaron brings back to Omnipotence City and with it the Lord High Librarian who is a delectable character indeed. He’s not impressed with Thor in the slightest and thinks she’s a moron which in truth is a bit true (at least the last version anyway). His opinion of Thor adds a bit of levity to the story which, when kicked off with Irving’s art is epic in all versions of the word. The story he tells Thor is old, historic, and ties Mjölnir to the near destruction of Asgard itself. The fact that this very epic story is told by an old wizened and crotchety man only adds to the layers of the story.

The history of Mjölnir is quite entertaining too. Avoiding spoilers here, but it involves quite a cool concept using space, makes the hammer cooler, and even introduces a new player to Thor’s future. Aaron basically checks off every box you’d want when it comes to a new backstory of a thing we’ve seen a thousand times.

Irving’s art is incredibly unique with plenty of bright light and extreme weirdness that’s reminiscent of his work on Annihilator. It has a great sense of chaos that makes the universe feel big and colorful. It’s as if we’re peering into a historical document which helps sell the history of Mjölnir. The art is bookended by Russell Dauterman which manages to make Thor’s uncontrollable Mjölnir (which has been pulling her around against her will) comical.

It can’t be perfect can it?
Thor’s inability to control Mjölnir certainly makes the character a little less heroic and more bumbling. It suits this story as it segues the story of Mjölnir, but considering much of this isn’t about Thor at all the character comes off as weak.

Holy lighting!

Is It Good?

You will never look at Mjölnir the same way again. Jason Aaron has made the hammer more interesting than ever with a wildly epic and cosmic backstory.

The Mighty Thor #12 Review
Mjölnir has one epic and entertaining backstoryIrving's art will stick with youThe librarian is back!!!
Thor doesn't come off as very heroic especially since she isn't in the book much
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