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Mortal Kombat: Jade Cosplay by Kristen Hughey

We’re on a Mortal Kombat cosplay kick lately here at AiPT!

And really, who can blame us? We’ve previously featured this impressive Mileena/Kitana rendition by Tanya Korobova and this gallery of the same two Kombatants by Nemu and Asherwarr; with Halloween right around the corner, we figured it was time for one of our favorite cosplay offerings for Mileena and Kitana’s emerald palette-swapped counterpart (and Shao Kahn’s other personal assassin), Jade:




For more of Kristen Hughey’s cosplay offerings, check out her Facebook page.

And of course, for more of the best gaming/comic book cosplay on the web, check out our very own AiPT! cosplay category. (And subscribe to our newsletter for the latest cosplay sent right to your mailbox.)


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