It’s new story arc time for Detective Comics, and the best Bat-family team of all time – but it’s also time for a new team of villains, which most of the time means cannon fodder for our Batbadasses. Let’s see how they shape up?

Detective Comics #943 (DC Comics)

That’s not Orphan…

So, as I’ve said over and over the last few issues – this book is great. It’s X-Men…the Batman version, and it’s fun as hell to read. Having never really been a Batwoman fan before, mostly due to lack of appearances, her front and center role in this is refreshing. And makes me want her to start appearing in other Bat-books. Her attitude, and humanity – something that Batman has or is lacking depending on the book, is a welcome addition.


Also, let’s take a moment to pour one out for Tim. Sure, he’s not dead, but Batman certainly thinks so – and is acting the part.


Clayface and the Mud-Room should also get a shout-out. It’s nice to see the Danger Room get its due in another book, as the old days of the Xavier mansion sure don’t seem to be coming back anytime soon – so I’ll get my X-fix here instead.

My only gripe?

The villains. Now – granted, I’m jumping the gun here. We know nothing about them (or maybe we do – keen Batman readers of the past, and i’m just not seeing the signs) but the same thing tends to happen when a fully new and realized bad-guy team shows up – they get creamed, and disappear.

Please see the Bat-army from the initial run of this book post-Rebirth. They were amazing, and now they’re just gone.

I’m far more interested in the Suicide Bat-Squad going on in the main Batman book, but I guess I’ll give this next issue a fair shake.


I’ll say 8.5 out of 10. Still everything I’m looking for, while being judgy about the baddies. Prove me wrong, guys!

Detective Comics #943 Review
The Team book style is still compelling and funClayface's ongoing character building is the best thing to happen to him, ever.Tim's costume...*sadface*
A whole new team of bad-guys seems cool on paper - but will they still exist in 5 years?
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