Dunwall. A stinking port filled with dead whales and slowly dying people. Corvo, the Lord Protector, trying to discover the truth about his sister, his nephew, his city, and his Empress. Issue 4 wraps up the various threads of mystery, and yet manages to open several more.

Dishonored #4 (Titan Comics)


Corvo has…oh hell, read this:

I love an official synopsis.

This story is still split 50/50 with Corvo trying to track down where his family has gone, and if this young companion is indeed his nephew, while Martha Cottings is poking into the worst bits of Dunwall.

Martha’s got some swagger.

Since every page of this is pretty much a spoiler, let’s talk the series as a whole. With the upcoming Dishonored 2 releasing shortly, the hype is real for this game, and this very unique game world. As I’ve covered extensively in my other reviews, Dunwall is a living and breathing nightmare, where everyone is just a little bit corrupt and tainted. And this series does an amazing job of conveying the grime and the horror of existing there.

Corvo and Martha are not immune from this; they kill pretty easily, and in Corvo’s case, using a blade. A very personal way to end someone’s life.

Is It Good?

I enjoyed this series, even if I felt like I should shower after every issue. If you’re waiting for the Empress and Corvo to slice some people up in the new game, this ought to whet your appetite pretty nicely, as well as fill in a lot of the info of how people exist in this horrible place.

Dishonored #4 Review
The world - real, grimy, and unforgettable.Corvo and Martha kill a TON of people - with not a worry for a rat plague.
Solving a mystery only to open three more is not a great way to end a mini-series...
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