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Ms. Marvel #12 Review

In this issue of Ms. Marvel, the events of Civil War II have changed everything for Kamala, and now she needs a change of pace to deal with the fallout. Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #12 (Marvel Comics)


Losing her mentor and best friend has shaken Kamala, so she heads to her family’s home in Karachi, Pakistan to reconnect with her history and see if she can figure out who she is now. Of course, things aren’t that simple. She sticks out as an American, and no matter how many tourist things she does or quality time spent with her family, she still feels disconnected. Until, that is, a water cartel blows up a well outside their house, and Kamala decides that maybe a little heroing is what she is missing.

Is It Good?

The aftermath of Civil War II for Kamala would be brutal for anyone, but especially a teen. And needing an escape was a great way to give readers and Kamala some breathing room from those events. It’s also a great slice of life in Pakistan, especially seeing Kamala’s family, which is such a big part of her identity. I love how writer G. Willow Wilson shows a mix of the realities of life as a Pakistani-American:


And the realities of living in Karachi, with horseback rides on the beach mixed with the occasional explosion. I was a little concerned that Kareem was going to be a love interest, but was incredibly happy to see that he is Kamala’s equivalent in Karachi. His explanation about staying at home and trying to fix the place you love was very powerful and you can see how much it touched Kamala.

I also like that Kamala taking on the water cartel wasn’t the right thing to do — remembering that context is important and rushing in without thinking is important, especially after the events of Civil War.

Mirka Andolfo does a gorgeous job with the art. It feels within the established style of Ms. Marvel, but with her own distinct flavor added. But it’s Ian Herring’s colors that take it to the next level. I love the warm tones and shades of yellows and reds, and how he changes the tones as the story progresses. A fantastic team effort that made this a special issue.


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