Batman #10 Review

Batman. Bane.

The big 90’s faceoff ended with a broken back, a new Batman, and was generally received as a better storyline than the Death of Supes.

Today? Bane is on Santa Prisca – his island prison/country; he’s got a private army and he has Psycho Pirate, the only one who can unlock the ongoing problems Gotham Girl is having. What is Batman going to do?

He’s going to fly to Santa Prisca and (hopefully) kick some ass, that’s what.

Batman #10 (DC Comics)


I’m not kidding. That’s his whole plan. See this:


It’s like a mantra he keeps repeating. I assume by next issue we’ll see some chakra aligning mental preparation for this mission that explains this repetitive process, because Batman takes some s--t to get to Bane’s front door.


Bats gets blown up, takes on an entire goddamn army, and then sees Bane in person, and…well…read the issue. I won’t spoil it, but dammit that’s a rough meeting.


Overall – this is a grand issue. It’s not perfect, because I feel a little too in the dark about just what Batman’s end game is, but now I guess I know what Superman feels like all the time because he’s a big dumb moron. (Tweet that last line to @ednathanson)

What this issue does do very well? Sets up the rest of this “I Am Suicide” arc to be a full-throated and bloody affair.

I’ll give this an 8.5 out of 10. I really did like it, but I was worried for my Bat-bro a bit too much.

Batman #10 Review
This Bane is brutal, and he's not even on the venomBatman's willingness to do what it takes to get a job done is very well shown here.
All of that Catwoman build up, and she's so not in this issue. WTF?
8.5Overall Score
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