There’s a secret train Ollie and Black Canary have discovered and the wealth Ollie once had is all gone. Time to kick butt and figure it out eh? Is it good?

Green Arrow #10 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? For the full DC summary just read this:

“MURDER ON THE EMPIRE EXPRESS” part one! Queen Industries’ new Trans-Pacific Railway is an undersea vehicle that symbolizes world peace—which makes its maiden voyage the perfect place for the Ninth Circle to stage a high-profile assassination. Luckily, Green Arrow, Black Canary and John Diggle are on board as outlaw stowaways!

Why does this book matter?

Juan Ferreyra has a unique painterly style that’s exciting and colorful, adding a pop to everything he does. The story continues this month as a secret enemy that seemingly controls a lot more than they should needs to be stopped. Sounds like an exciting combo to me!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Yuo can’t lose that Ollie!

Ferreyra draws another beautiful issue, this time making an amazing train live up to its wonderment. The characters crawl all over the thing–in one scene Black Canary comes upon patrons enjoying themselves in a beautiful part of the train that’s all windows–and Ferreyra does a good job making the train feel like a logical space. He positively will blow you away with a full page spread of Black Canary doing her thing too (this needs to be a poster stat) and a fun action sequence involving a rather silly arrow.

The story ties well into the espionage genre, complete with assassins, foreign dignitaries, and plots to kill everyone with a virus. Benjamin Percy writes a good issue as he gets inside Black Canary and John Diggle’s head via captions. Clearly Percy is attempting to bring Ollie out of Seattle and make him an international hero (or, if the bad guys have their way, criminal). The espionage angle works and makes this issue read like a lost chapter of James Bond, complete with a super technology (the train) that’s rather cool.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Plotting wise, the story is rather simplistic–too simplistic for its own good. There aren’t many surprises in store for readers and the assassin subplot is convenient to the point where it’s easy to forecast how things will go down. There isn’t much character work in play either, making this a rather average superhero story.

Is It Good?

This is an average superhero story with an espionage angle that suits the character. The art pops though and it’ll make it worth the price of admission alone for most!

Green Arrow #10 Review
Solid art that adds an effective pop (with a whopper of a full page spread you gotta see)The super train and espionage angle infuses this series with a James Bond feel
The plot is rather simplistic with no character work to speak of leaving you wanting more
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