Archie Comic’s second installment of Josie and the Pussycats is ready to supply our monthly fill of sarcasm, wit and girl power. The girls are starting their “whirlwind” tour and have to prepare for their first venue. Equipped with their talents (and a few uncertainties) they hold their own throughout this new adventure. As they face these new challenges, the girls start realizing how they need to work together as a group and as new friends. One thing they need to remember though, always read before you sign the dotted line. Oh, and prepare yourself for entirely legitimate comic book science!

Is it good?

Josie and the Pussycats #2 (Archie Comics)


I am extremely impressed with the writing in this issue. It’s extremely entertaining. There are a lot of current pop culture references that will really catch a younger audience. “Bye Felicia!” makes an appearance as well as a few other social media sites.


I love the updated style of Josie and her girls. Writers Cameron DeOrdio and Marguerite Bennett are really capturing each characters’ distinctive personality; Josie has that tunnel vision for stardom, Val is trying desperately to be responsible and Melody-oh Melody-is just adorably lost and it works perfectly. Favorite Melody quote so far: “I pillow fight to pillow win!”

DeOrdio and Bennett have taken the male characters out of this issue and it makes the girls’ ability to take care of themselves much more apparent. There is a nod to Alexander Cabot III and Alan M. at the end of the issue showcasing the Josieverse’s Main Men. Artist Audrey Mok’s style suits the stylistic choice of the story. Mok is keeping it very modern and her renderings always work well for the settings at hand. I really liked the antagonist’s look in the issue-very punk rock but with a sentimental side. I also enjoyed the little “heart” eyes given to fans watching the girls perform, which is a wonderful reminder of how starstruck some fans of music can get.


As far as what I didn’t like; there are a lot of quick, cute conversations between the girl and they can be missed if you scan too much when you read the issue. Take your time or you’ll miss them. It’s actually pretty hard for me to find anything wrong here. Josie and the Pussycats #2 is a cute, attention-grabbing, smart adventure that really gives presents strong, positive female role models for all.

Josie and the Pussycats #2 Review
Quick-wittedClever pop culture referencesGreat female role models
Read slow, you may miss something
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