The cover says it all folks: the Watchtower is coming crashing down, but why?! We find out in this issue, but is it good?

Justice League #8 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? For the full DC summary just read this:

“OUTBREAK” part one! Someone is hacking into the Justice League’s computers, causing the Batcave’s weapons and security systems to turn against the Dark Knight and the Watchtower satellite to plummet to Earth—with Cyborg trapped on board.

Why does this book matter?

If you want to keep tabs on the main heroes in the DCU this is the book for you. It’s also the title that thrusts the biggest threats at the heroes, which makes for entertaining and epic reading.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I love they felt the need to put “Batman” at the top as if we wouldn’t know.

This issue is all action and it’s done in a clever way, as the threat cascades down from Cyborg to Batman, and finally the entire team. Much of this issue is Batman facing off against his own wonderful toys in the Bat-Cave, but also tracks Cyborg who’s on the faithful Watchtower (that’s coming crashing down). Writer Bryan Hitch gives the action scenes a nice flair for the dramatic (not unlike what you’d see in a movie), complete with a great one-liner from Batman, who’s lucky enough to have Alfred to ping dialogue off of. Cyborg, on the other hand, is all alone, fighting his own body to prevent all of San Francisco from being decimated.

Artist Neil Edwards, along with inker Daniel Henriques, creates plenty of splashy panels of Batman jumping and dodging missiles, which are well rendered. These could have easily been boring, but there are nice use of close ups and surprises in store for Batman to take on in the Cave. Juxtaposed in scope, Cyborg’s action takes him hurtling down to planet Earth in wide open spaces as he falls with the Watchtower. This is another sequence that could have been rendered in a boring sort of way, but it’s action packed to the hilt due to the well-drawn pages.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The entertainment value is high if you enjoy action, but don’t expect much as far as character work. Everything leads to the cliffhanger well, but there isn’t much to chew on.

The only art gripe I had is a single panel of Cyborg who has lost control of his body. I suspect they were attempting to make him look like a marionette, but it looks downright silly.

Interesting…and scary!

Is It Good?

Not one, but two action packed sequences that pit Batman and Cyborg against machines comprise the action in Justice League #8. Hitch sets up a story with high stakes and infuses it with fun dialogue and big action.

Justice League #8 Review
Solid action for Bats and Cyborg in different waysGood dialogueEpic stakes!
Cyborg comes off as silly in one panelMost of the Justice League don't appear to the last page or so
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