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Nightwing #8 Review

Holy sweet jumping cats, this is a GOD DAMN AMAZING ISSUE. STOP READING THIS STUPID REVIEW AND GO BUY THIS. Go on. Click that “Read Now” button below.


No? You want me to go on? Ok, prepare for some gushing. NIGHTWING NUMBER 8. A TOTAL SHOW STOPPER!

Nightwing #8 (DC Comics)


For those of you who’ve followed my last few reviews of ol’ Dick here – you’ve seen my disappointment. He’s just been failing to live up to the potential of what he is, and how he operates.


This is a kid, raised by Batman after a terrible childhood tragedy…who is upbeat, and friendly and able to operate as a fully functional human being. Batman’s greatest achievement is making Dick into a real person, and not a shell like he is.

This issue pays that out in full. Raptor is still pretty meh as a character, but we finally get to see the showdown between these two, and it is absolutely worth the wait. Batman’s inclusion, Dick’s backstory connection, and all the past relevations lead up to a final conversation between Dick and Bruce that is a real example of their relationship.



This issue really covered what I wanted to see to complete this arc. We see Raptor and Nightwing go toe-to-toe, and there are plenty of pages featuring brutal fisticuffs. We see what Bruce and Dick actually are when the chips are down, and how they’re family first; all the annoyance of dealing with Raptor is overall worth it — as it brought out a resolution like this.

10/10. Just a fantastic issue.


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