It’s the end of Spidey this week and if the Sinister Six have their way it’ll be splat for the character. Question is, is it good?

Spidey #12 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Check out our preview to find out!

Why does this book matter?

I’ve always enjoyed this series not because it adds to the current canon, but because it allows anyone to pick it up and enjoy the character’s best features without having to know said canon. Robbie Thompson has written the character’s younger self very well while maintaining the truths of the series that have made the character the best hero there is. Plus the Sinister Six is in this one folks!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Gotta love those eyes.

Thompson surprised the heck out of me with this one, harkening to Spider-Man’s “Parker luck,” reminding us the high school lifestyle is so important to the character, and giving him a willpower win to cap things off. This issue flips the “Parker luck” on its head though, actually opening with everything turning out good and Thompson uses this later in the issue to conclude the story in an uplifting and empowering way. Anyone reading this issue could gather that even when it’s hard things are worth fighting for. Bravo there, Thompson!

When the Sinister Six do show up the fight is fun and bounces from villain to villain well. Each baddy gets their moment to shine and Spidey tries to keep it light. Thompson seems to suggest via the lack of jokes that when Spidey is having a good day the humor doesn’t come as easily, which is an interesting touch.

Artist Nathan Stockman closes this issue out very well with each villain looking great and the action interesting and fun. The final full page splash is downright great (those webs though!) and he even gets a crack at a very iconic panel of Spider-Man’s costume. Spider-Man has a young look that suits his age in the issue and the colors by Jim Campbell keep the distinctness of the villains nicely separated. The big winners colorwise are the buildings, which light up nicely, especially in a fantastic full page earlier in the issue with Gwen and Peter. Speaking of Gwen, Stockman draws a positively cute Gwen that would be hard for any teenager to not love (I’m looking at you Pete).

It can’t be perfect can it?

Is it crazy I thought the conflict is wrapped up too easily? Thompson gives Peter all the reasons in the world to find that extra gear to win, but it’s so easy to doesn’t feel earned. It’s minor given the great setup and payoff, but a more clever defeat of the Sinister Six is called for.

Seriously Peter why are you trying to mess this up?

Is It Good?

What a fantastic and endearing way to go out. Spidey ends this week, but Thompson reminds us why Spider-Man will alway stay near and dear to our hearts.

Spidey #12 Review
Strong statement to open and close the issueFun action with all the villains!Great art with the cityscape particularly popping
The conflict ends too easily making it feel unearned
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