Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Cosplay by Enji-Night

Sure, Lara Croft cosplay might be a little played out — but we’ll always make an exception for Enji-Night.

Enjoy these 30+ images of her as Lara from (mostly) the Massamers Tech Festival X:





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  • Bootyhunter

    Still slim thick with her cute ass

    • The White Knight

      There aren’t many advantageous shots of the fair maiden’s derriere in this gallery… so perhaps you’d like to share some knowledge with the rest of us, young knave?

      • Bootyhunter

        Look at her thighs and hips.

        • The White Knight

          Indeed, her hip to waist ratio and “dat thigh gap” are notable and worthy of our admiration. Maybe I misconstrued your original intentions after all, Ser Bootyhunter.

          I will lend you mine blade any time thou art in need of it. YAHHH!

          • Bootyhunter

            Thigh gap? That’s not thickness. That’s some skinny nonsense. Her thighs are thick and her hips are wide, hence the slim thick remark.

          • The White Knight

            I say thee nay! What doth thou consider this then:


            Exactly! A woman can be thickly proportioned but toned in a way that will enable such bodily constitution. Don’t make me unsheath mine alabaster blade, Snowflake, Bootyhunter. For you will not enjoy the results.

          • Bootyhunter

            Standing with your feet apart is not a thigh gap my man. Besides, I think it’s a stupid trend that inadvertently forces shapely but insecure women to starve themselves and lose their thickness. It’s the ratio between her thighs and waist, much like her WHR that turns her into a major thirst trap. The fact that she’s nerdy is just the icing on the cake.


            As you can see, her thighs touch. She really doesn’t have thigh gap and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

          • Morse

            still waiting for your alabaster blade…