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Gotham Academy: Second Semester #3 Review

Witch hunts, book burning and MIND CONTROL! Second Semester is really throwing everything it has at Olive and her friends. Part 3 of Gotham Academy’s new installment is a page turner to say the least. After Maps was brainwashed by the Witches Club the team has to get her back and in the right mind, but will they uncover something even more sinister? Is it good?

Gotham Academy Second Semester #3 (DC Comics)

The team behind the Gotham Academy antics are doing a fantastic job keeping the storyline alive. The zombie-like state of most of the students is starting to raise flags with the staff–who aren’t really doing anything. So the Detective Club is put into action. It’s amazing to me that all this crazy stuff is happening but the adults “in charge” don’t seem to be around. I guess it would make for a really crappy story–something crazy going on, adults step in, fixed!–yeah, not so entertaining. On top of the mysterious story they also made sure to write in some teenage angst and emotional turmoil. I’m liking the added relationship tension between a few of the characters, even a few that you wouldn’t expect. My favorite, Amy, is still finding her way around with the team; her role is a bit smaller in this issue, which I like. I think after this storyline we may see some more of her background.

There’s a pretty big plot twist at the end that’s going to make for a great part 4…prepare for drama!


The story keeps going back to the symbols Amy and Olive found in the first issue. They aren’t very pronounced in this story and honestly when they are mentioned it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I think the imagery is there but they show up so late that I almost forgot about them. I’m going to need a little more insight. I’m also trying to come to terms with the fact that because I didn’t read the first part of this series I’m going to keep seeing characters that I don’t understand. I met Katherine for the first time–I love the character in this issue, but I have no idea who or what she is in reference to the club. I’ll be brushing up on my Detective Club info soon.


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