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Detective Comics #944 Review

This is a book with some interesting villains and a hero that’s starting to become a problem for me. This is in direct contrast to my last Detective Comics review, where I was bemoaning the brand new villain team, and excited for moar Clayface!

It’s Detective Comics #944, let’s talk Bat-family.

Detective Comics #944 (DC Comics)


The Victim Syndicate were a yawn for me on first arrival. Oh look, it’s a team of superpowered baddies who just so happen to have powers that make them a threat to our guys specifically! Oh noes!

… Well hand me some crow, because I’m going to eat it.


The reveal of just who the Victim Syndicate are, is great. It opens a door not often opened in the world of super-comics, namely that of the people on the sidelines – those who get swept up and sometimes destroyed in the hero journey.

The hero problem? Batwing. On his own, Batwing might be a decent character – but here he feels like not much more than a generic Iron Man version of Bats: rich and self obsessed and technology addicted. Also, this book is trying to put him in the pretender-to-the-throne of Red Robin role, probably to make he and Spoiler go toe to toe before long.

This is literally Iron Man 3...Bat-version
This is literally Iron Man 3…Bat-version.

In short, I’m still enjoying the hell out of this book, including my boy Clays, and I applaud them for a decent turnaround with the Victim Syndicate. But thumbs down on the Iron-Bat.

7.5 out of 10.


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