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Doom Patrol #3 Review

I am not smart enough for this book.

I’ve said it.

Let me try to explain. I was an English major wayyyyy back when in college, so when it comes to difficult reads with weird meta plot points and strange narratives that seem to distort the rest of the book, I’m right there with you.

Doom Patrol broke me…and that might be a good thing.

Doom Patrol #3 (Young Animal)


This issue opens up after the COMPLETE confusion that was issue 1 and 2, with Casey–our protagonist of sorts–finally finding out just what Danny is…kind of.

So let’s break it down like this. Doom Patrol‘s schtick for years was the creepiest and weirdest super team ever. This is the blueprint the more toned down (!) X-Men were based on over at Marvel, but DP never lost that flair for the strange, and so we find ourselves with a one legged space baby living in a sentient street that is hiding from the creatures of another dimension inside the ambulance Casey was an EMT in.


You got that?

Yeah, me neither.

Robotman and a few other Doomers make an appearance, because just like an X-book and people with claws, it’s not a real DP party without the golden robot.


Here’s how to break this all down. I can’t really review this issue in any meaningful way, because it’s not something to be reviewed. It really is a comic to be experienced. The artwork is sublime, the page perspective and choices and the intensity of the colors all make the absolutely batshit insane mind warping things going on that much more compelling.


Also? This is a total mockery of the comic book medium as a whole! That’s worth a read too!

Again, as I said above, I just don’t think I have the brain necessary for a deep read into Doom Patrol, but there’s something going on here that would make Morrison proud, and that I’ll wager when collected into a six issue graphic novel will be on many a table of the guy who sells you weed.


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