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Doctor Strange #14 Review

Doctor Strange is one of those characters where anything can happen. You might pick up an issue and he’s in an alternate dimension, in a realm of emotion, or shrunk down into bacteria size. This issue proves creators can do anything with the character, but is it good?

Doctor Strange #14 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Check out the full preview and summary!

Why does this book matter?

The biggest movie in America is called Doctor Strange. Writer Jason Aaron has been killing it on the character in recent months, adding new wrinkles to the character and his world. He just came off an epic ar raising the stakes for the character more than ever. Why wouldn’t you want to see a character like this when he’s down?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Meal is ready!

What a wild and fun issue this is, starting with a Hell diner and ending with a lot of vomit. Aaron opens the issue with Doctor Strange confused and wanting any information he gets and Satana just wants one thing: his soul. Unfortunately it requires him to eat a bit of demonic bacon. This leads to Stephen confronting a cook with demons for hands, going into the astral realm, and encountering first hand the stuff of his stomach.

The reason why this issue works so well is because it always maintains its sense of humor. Doctor Strange is either confused, upset, or downright lost. It makes it easy to accept and understand the scope of the story as he literally delves into his bowels. As the plot progresses you’ll have to admit this is something you’ve never seen before. It’s great fun and a nice one-shot sort of tale.

The art by Chris Bachalo continues to beat to the same drum of Jason Aaron’s ideas. The monsters are gross, absurd, and wild. Doctor Strange’s reactions to the situations makes these weird and disturbed scenes hilarious. And yet, when it gets scary for the character (like when blood is dripping from his pores) you’ll believe it. On top of all this, you’ve never seen demonic bacon like this!

It can’t be perfect can it?

As a done in one issue it works, but Stephen doesn’t progress character wise or plot wise. You can’t knock it that hard considering how much fun this story is and where it takes you, but it’s hard not to feel a bit disappointed with the progress the story takes by the end.

Is It Good?

This issue is fun. Doctor Strange is a character that can take you to new places and this story does so and then some. Who needs the Magic Schoolbus when you have Doctor Strange showing us the wonders of the G.I. tract?


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