The best issues of this series have had a James Bond feel, putting Green Arrow in a situation that’s high stakes, complex and at the same time a little weird. He’s desperately trying to save the people on a train that’s inside a tube on the bottom of the ocean; can’t get more tricky than that. We review, but is it good?

Green Arrow #11 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The full summary reads:

“MURDER ON THE EMPIRE EXPRESS” part two! There’s no business like the war business, and business is booming—or it will be once the world learns of the brutal assassination of one of its most critical leaders at the hands of…Green Arrow?! Trapped with a killer hundreds of feet below the ocean, Oliver Queen must solve a murder before his undersea voyage ends—and with it, peace in our time.

Why does this book matter?

As long as Juan Ferreyra is drawing this series you know you’re in for some dramatic panels and pages that are at once beautiful and artful. This issue delivers. On top of that, Ollie gets closer to his home town and a massive train operation gets…derailed!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Not looking good for the heroes.

Think of this issue as the climactic sequence that ends a James Bond film and you’ll be right as rain. It’s pulse pounding, exciting, and filled with surprises. Ollie and Black Canary rush to save the people on the train and themselves from no supervillain or muscle clad villain — but hundreds of thousands of pounds of water. A crack makes it into the tunnel and they do all that they can to flee and save their lives. They race away, at one point on a motorcycle looking badass, and it all culminates into a giant, explosive conclusion at the end.

I may not have been a fan of this arc up until this point, but it ended in a big dramatic way that’s highly satisfying. Writer Benjamin Percy keeps fueling the Black Canary and Green Arrow romantic angle even during the action and he keeps reminding us they’re meant for each other.

Ferreyra fans buckle up, because it’s going to be an exciting ride. This issue looks fantastic, with a few show stopper panels for good measure. One side angled panel for instance, gives you the perspective of whales along the side of the train; in another you get a fun side angle view of Black Canary kicking her way through goons, and in another a wild panel of Black Canary gunning a motorcycle with Ollie swinging down to her and water kicking up around them. There are just so many great panels and full page spreads to choose from. Even if you’re not reading this series you should grab it and flip through to ogle its beauty.

The detail on that arrow is nice!

It can’t be perfect can it?

All and all this is great climactic fun, but still, it’s a slow progression of story. It certainly ends with a cliffhanger that’ll make you want to come back, but it’s a quicker read due to the focus on action.

Is It Good?

Gorgeous and jaw droppingly good, Green Arrow is going to make you gasp and make you want more.

Green Arrow #11 Review
So much good art, so little time!Epic and a fantastically action packed climaxSets up the next issue well
Not much plot or character development, this is all action
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