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Lady Killer 2 #3 Review

Things are going great for Josie until a major twist in the story reveals that the people she trusts are not who they seem. Is it good?

Lady Killer 2 #3 (Dark Horse Comics)


Taking on Irving has been a huge boon for Josie, helping her grow her business. However, when he comes to the house for dinner, Mother Schuller reacts very badly, demanding he be thrown out.


Irving, who had been bonding with Gene out in the garage, amiably leaves, and Josie insists on an answer for her behavior. The story she gets, however, is far more intense than she had expected and will change everything going forward.

Is It Good?

I’m going to try and write this without spoilers, because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience of these twists. Jones kicks the story into high action by revealing Mother Schuller’s backstory and how it entangles with Irving. While I wasn’t entirely surprised, since her past has been hinted about, Jones did a great job of setting up a very intense back story.

The flashback allows Jones and Madsen to explore a different style, and they do an incredible job of making each panel look like a shot from a film noir. The use of sharp shadows, the beams of light, even the femme fatale, though obviously not the usual type. Madsen especially does a gorgeous job with the colors, saturating the sepia tones so the scenes have weight, mimicking black and whites but with an added depth.

Jones always creates big, bold storylines, so now that Josie’s personal and professional lives are now intertwined, things should be getting very interesting. This title remains the best book I’m reading and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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