There’s a new God in town and he’s shaking up Heaven and Hell. Our only hope is Lucifer and he takes action this issue, but is it good?

Lucifer #12 (Vertigo)

So what’s it about? The full summary and preview is what you’re after.

Why does this book matter?

The mythical nature of this series continues this week and I’m not sure the stakes have been higher. A black, grotesque shadow of a God is attempting to take over and make everyone his slaves and I’m dying to see how Lucifer intends to save the day.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Time for war.

If you’re a fan of scene stealing scenes that involve dialogue that’s more dramatic than any fist fight you’ve come to the right place. Lucifer’s confrontation with God is interesting, exciting, and filled with ideas. We are reminded the characters are too powerful for violence and the real rulers are those who rule via ideas. Outside of this scene, characters do battle angel vs. angel, a solid epilogue closes the comic and there’s even time for some sex too. I envy anyone who reads this in the collected edition, but for a finale story it delivers its chapter well.

Enough isn’t said about writers who have strong command of dialogue and I think Holly Black has been fantastic all the way through. This issue continues that trend, especially in a later scene in this issue with a character asking for help, and she reminds us our best moments are when we articulate our thoughts and desires via language.

Artist Lee Garbett adds some iconic panels here that will be gracing people via tattoo and dreams I’m sure. A sex scene for instance is downright gorgeous and moving. A double page splash page does a great job showing the rage and stakes on the line. The scenes with Lucifer and God are disturbing and Garbett captures Lucifer’s emotions and cunning quite well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Though I’ve been reading (and reviewing!) this series from the start, I found myself lost in the opening pages. I wasn’t sure what the stakes were, why I should care, or who everyone even was. Characters don’t say each other’s names enough, a summary page would have been a fantastic addition to this series, and I was lost as to what dynamics were in play.

Is It Good?

A dramatic and fitting end that delivers big action and even bigger war of words. This series has been deeply meaningful and mythic and shouldn’t be missed. That’s in part due to the delivery and command of dialogue. Holly Black will be missed!

Lucifer #12 Review
Strong art all the way through with some iconic panels that will stay with youGreat dialogue and a war of words
I was lost as to the dynamics in play in the early pages
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