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Raven #3 Review

‘The White Carnival: Part Three’ sees Raven fighting an unknown entity for her life and her friends. Marv Wolfman brings an emotional rollercoaster to the page. The uncertainty of Raven’s powers and the stress of losing her friends is beginning to wear heavy on her. She needs to pull herself together to save everyone. As if dealing with this isn’t enough, the entity seems to be taunting her–why does it keep drawing her in? As much as she wants to help, she’s not going to be prepared for this.

Is it good?

Raven #3 (DC Comics)

She’s fighting with her emotions. The story comes back into Raven fighting with herself and the entity. She has been uprooted and moved around to a new place, new school, and new family and now she has to fight an unknown being that keeps taking people. The anxiety is written perfectly. I even found myself getting a little uncomfortable during a few of the more graphic scenes between her and the force. There’s a point in the issue where the being begins speaking about Raven to where they almost have a conversation. I think it is more speaking to itself but some plans are laid out for the future of Raven’s battle.

The artwork is just fantastic in certain sections. The altercations between the two of them is drawn and colored perfectly for a battle. I love the contrast of the white and black that seems to go back and forth. The idea that the black sections are actually the good guys and the white is evil makes for a very different look. Raven is still just a great character, personality and look. I love it.

I’m an impatient person. I’d really like more of the story to unfold a bit quicker. We’ve had two issues now just getting to know this evil being and still don’t know much about it. Mind you, the story is still great but I’m so ready to see what’s happening behind the scenes. Other than that fact this is my favorite installment so far. It’s a great read.


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