You all saw my glowing praise for issue one (sorry, “Doom’s” glowing praise) so let’s see how issue two stacks up, and if this feels like a long haul character redesign.

Infamous Iron Man #2 (Marvel Comics)


Ah the Mad Thinker. The last time I remember seeing him was an early 90’s run of Captain America, where he had all these dupe robots of various super villains floating around to try to off the Cap.


Looks like he’s still up to his old tricks of building ugly ass robot creatures, when our newest Iron Buddy pays him a courtesy call.


I like this new Victor Von Doom. He’s turned this new leaf (somehow–we don’t get full info on that until the end of Civil War II, I guess), and he’s now doing “good” in his own stumbling way. There’s a great scene of him remembering that he has to save the helpless that you’ll chuckle at, as he really is making this up as he goes along.

Also, shocker for me, I really like Maleev’s art in this issue. The dark and harried page feel does a good job of casting Doom in shadow, and makes the Thing’s cameo that much more contrasting, as he’s displayed in full light, but even the shadows are touching him.


I’ll give this a 9 out of 10–great continuation, and watching someone with the massive amounts of power that Victor has learn how to use them for good, even going as far as telling another super villain they have to help humanity.

Well, this might be the one evil-turned-good I can stomach. Take Venom back, and keep Doom awesome.

Infamous Iron Man #2 Review
This is Doom taking Superhero 101 - and pulling a C- average. GeniusThe new armor with the cape/hood? Just excellent.
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