After a strong start, Godzilla: Rage Across Time has been a bit of a disappointment. But this week, the final installment of the series arrives bearing the gift of Jeff Zornow-drawn dinosaurs.

Is it good?

Godzilla: Rage Across Time #5 (IDW Publishing)



  • HA! Dinosaurs are no match for the awesomeness of the monsters from Toho Studios!
  • I was wondering when he was going to show up.
  • This looks really cool, but I have no idea what’s going on.
  • Spoiler Alert: Aliens. It’s always aliens.

Is It Good?

Jeff Zornow drawing dinosaurs and kaiju is always a good thing, especially when his work is being colored by Jay Fotos. Unfortunately, the story these two came up with didn’t come through very well. Cluttered paneling and bizarre sequencing twisted the narrative like King Ghidorah’s heads have an argument about politics.


Most of the story is told without the benefit of dialogue, but that doesn’t give the issue a pass on having a clearly defined narrative. Godzilla in Hell used absolutely no dialogue in its first issue and still managed to tell one of the best Big G stories I’ve ever read.

That being said, Godzilla: Rage Across Time #5 is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Also, I have to given credit to Zornow and Fotos for the issue’s coda, which was both clever and laugh out loud funny. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough to save this issue—or the miniseries as a whole. Godzilla: Rage Across Time was a good idea, but it’s probably best left to be forgotten by history.

Godzilla: Rage Across Time #5 Review
The issue is gorgeous to look at.The story's coda is both clever and laugh out loud funny.
Unfortunately, the mostly dialogue-free issue never establishes a clear narrative. Cluttered panels and bizarre sequencing derail what might have been a fantastic story.
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