Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, C-3P0 and R2-D2 are racing to keep themselves alive. They stole a Star Destroyer and a special operations Stormtrooper group is ready to kill them all to take it back. Just another day in the Rebellion.

Is it good?

Star Wars #25 (Marvel Comics)

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Why does this book matter?

Jason Aaron has captured the voices of these iconic Star Wars characters quite well, given us new reasons to care about them and on top of that has introduced a bevy of interesting new characters. Jorge Molina is the artist on this issue (with colors by Matt Milla) and he’s quite good at many things — and for a climactic issue you know you’re in good hands.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?


Molina and Milla combine to make a great looking issue, with plenty of pizazz and energy to the action sequences; and boy are there plenty of them. Luke, Chewie and Sana do most of the punching and kicking, while R2 keeps the ship out of the Empire’s control and Han/Leia must keep the remaining forces alive. Altogether this issue reminds us these characters are a team and without each other they wouldn’t make it. Molina continues to make these special ops Stormtroopers look cool and badass, oft-reminding us they are highly trained and dangerous. That makes their going toe to toe with the heroes feel important and higher stakes
Luke’s slowly developing Force skills also come into play, as well as Darth Vader’s desperate rush to capture and contain Luke. All of these pieces come together nicely to remind us Aaron doesn’t just have a good sense of character, but pacing too.

That includes Sana’s tough and rugged personality, Chewie’s ability to rage out but remain controlled, and Luke’s desperate need to find himself. All the characters get moments to shine, the Han and Leia love affair continues to be teased, and a the cliffhanger reminds you this fight isn’t over anytime soon. Aaron has done well to build the special ops Stormtrooper group and make them interesting so it’s nice to see they aren’t over and done with yet. That includes a key – and epically rendered – lightsaber battle.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Certain tropes in action films bug me and one of them occurs in this issue. The issue in question is when a bad guy gives the good guy a weapon so as to let them have an honorable death. Just kill them! Instead, it’s just a way to allow the villain to get the seemingly insurmountable advantage on the hero, raise the stakes, then thrust them into an action sequence. Aside from this the action (and fighting) makes sense and works well.

God dammit R2!

Is It Good?

The latest Star Wars story arc comes to a smashing end that’s action packed and satisfying. Make no mistake, Marvel has captured the excitement of the Star Wars films with exceptional comic book action sequences.

Star Wars #25 Review
Great art with high tension action scenesEvery character gets their momentUndercurrent stories continue to progress
The bad guy doesn't need to be honorable and allow the hero to kill them blah!This is all climax so expect mostly action
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