Wally West has vanished! After disregarding Flash’s warning about avoiding throwing himself into danger, Kid Flash finds himself taken by the shadows. Of course once Flash figures this out he’s on the case. Unfortunately it seems that there may be more company that he expected. The exciting continuation of ‘The Speed of Darkness’ begins a plot that may lose all hope for our heroes.

The Flash #11 (DC Comics)

So, in our last installment, Wally has been taken. After having a conversation with The Flash about NOT throwing yourself into harm’s way, he decided to do just that. I’m really enjoying the added communication between Barry and Iris. I know in the last issue there was more as well and I’ve always liked their dynamic. It brings a bit more human drama into the story. She’s got a much bigger part in this story too. The antagonist this time is pretty great–lots of shadow work and dark figures. There’s also a bit of a chaotic atmosphere when you realize the actual villain doesn’t really have control over what’s going on with his “power.”

The drama is great and there’s a build up for the next issue. The backstory section for the villain is nice, the way the narration uses certain names to make an even bigger point is really moving. Hit me right in the feels. Also, realizing who the dark forces will be in the next chapter makes for a really difficult wait. I can’t wait to see where they go with it.

Some of the line work is a bit lazy this time. I always love the time taken for each character but everything seems almost sketched this issue. I know that Gianfelice is not the same artist as the last issue so I think maybe the continuation just didn’t work for me. I definitely liked the last crew better. Hopefully the next group will take a little more time on the details. There are also a few Kid Flash statements that just seem repetitive, like someone has already said it but he has to give it the Wally West twist. Some of them just read as annoying. I mean it works for a teenager but it was almost obnoxious just reading them–but I absolutely love Williamson’s writing so I’m looking over it.

The Flash #11 Review
Great villainMuch more relatable drama Suspense in bulk for the next issue!
Lackluster art detailA little cornier than usual
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