The most intriguing elements for some characters is their mysterious past. We want to know more, but the sad truth is the more we know the less mystery there is–just look at Wolverine. That said, writers Mark Waid and Chris Samnee blew my socks off last month with a chapter in Black Widow’s life that was all kinds of interesting. We check out the latest issue, out today–is it good?

Black Widow #8 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Read our full preview to find out.

Why does this book matter?

Last month, Waid and Samnee effectively weaved in flashbacks as Black Widow and Weeping Lion confronted the Headmistress that started it all for Black Widow when she was just a child. Now they’re on a quest to stop the rest of the orphan assassins and bring them in to keep them safe.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Totally normal girl. YUP!

I challenge you to read this issue and not think, “Damn this would be a good movie.” I had that feeling after the last issue and this issue is more of the same. That’s because the writing team is ramping up the espionage, pacing the action with the character work, and giving us a story that feels fresh.
This issue opens with a full page layout using no words at all, drawing the reader in as we are introduced to a new young character. As the story progresses you’re left questioning what’s going on, trying to figure out the mystery, and increasing your interest as the plot intensifies. As everything comes crashing together and the action dials itself up to eleven there’s the added benefit of not knowing how this story will play itself out.

The art by Chris Samnee continues to do well capturing the tension in each action sequence and mixing things up with its layouts. Matthew Wilson’s colors have a more subdued palette that reminds you this is a more realistic superhero tale, but artfully uses splashes of red in backgrounds to enhance the violence of the moment. Samnee also draws a spot-on White House, which helps remind us the threat is very real.

I know that blonde from somewhere…

It can’t be perfect can it?

Aside from introducing the unfeeling orphan assassin, this issue doesn’t do much in the way of character work. It’s mostly action, or the building up of action, so if you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into you’ll be sorely disappointed. While there is one flashback in this issue, there isn’t enough to flesh out what we know.

Is It Good?

Black Widow is a surefire hit that improves upon the breakneck storytelling style of Jason Bourne.

Black Widow #8 Review
Solid action that's built up to via its strong introductionGood use of colors and art to ground this in reality
Lacks character work and has a reduced number of flashbacks compared to the last issue
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