Detroit has its own superhero team and they are legally allowed to call themselves Avengers dammit! The second issue of Great Lakes Avengers is here, but is it good?

Great Lakes Avengers #2 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Just read our full preview.

Why does this book matter?

This is a book that captures the goodness of the off-color heroes that populate the Marvel Universe; the ones who may not deserve their own books, but by God they deserve a little attention. Zac Gorman wrote a solid introductory issue last month and Will Robson captured the goodness in the characters whilst reminding us they’re buffoons too.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Cool use of music notes.

This issue does a good job integrating the new werewolf character into the team that’s logical and suits the character. The heroes actually do some fighting for the betterment of their neighborhood too, albeit in a clunky, misguided sort of way that suits the team. It also sets up Mr. Immortal’s eventual return well enough and Gorman does a good job relaying the complexity of this character’s psychosis.

The villain of the book also gets a much needed time to shine, complete with a dig on Bertha’s weight, that does well to make him out to be a bully who needs a good smack.

The art has a caricature look that helps sell the humorous moments and remind us this is a lighter sort of series. Robson continues to make Doorman my favorite due to good comedic timing and subtle reactions via his eyes. There are a few moments in this issue I had flashbacks to Chew in a good way, which is aided by the somewhat silly nature of the plot and characters.

It can’t be perfect can it?

As team books go, I continue to not know how these characters really feel or act with one another because they peel off and do their own thing. Here’s hoping this book finds its identity once it pulls in Mr. Immortal. Speaking of which, his scenes didn’t bring much laughter or intrigue, delaying the inevitable more than anything. He’s messed up, okay we get it, but nothing much is added to this character here.

There weren’t as many laughs in general this issue either. To each their own when it comes to comedy, but aside from a chuckle knocking on hipsters (I think we’ve run the course on hipster jokes though) and Doorman, much of the humor fell flat for me this go around. Seriously, what is a squiff?

He asked for it.

Is It Good?

The team is pulling together nicely, though maybe at a slower pace than one might like. This is a series that has a nice chip on its shoulder that, once pulled together, may just be the best “B-team” book on the market. Here’s to waiting for it to start to gel!

Great Lakes Avengers #2 Review
Doorman is turning out to be one of my favorite new charactersThe villain is introduced wellThe team is coming together...
...though it's at a very slow pace!A lot of the jokes fall flatMr. Immortal drags this story down
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