Spider-Man + Guardians of the Galaxy = yes please! Though the Guardians are grounded on Earth we delve into a backstory taking place in the early days of Flash Thompson’s tenure on the team. Is it good?

Guardians of the Galaxy #14 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? The full preview with summary is what you need.

Why does this book matter?

Spider-Man is already funny, but add in the Guardians of the Galaxy and this is a no brainer for laughs. At least we hope!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Meanwhile, in Manhattan.

The conflict in this issue, not revealed till later on, is a clever one that makes a whole lot of sense. This issue also takes place earlier in Flash’s run with the team, a lost story if you will, which makes this a nice done in one tale thanks to Bendis’ ability to throw in a bunch of familiar Marvel Universe faces that culminate into a satisfying rescue mission story.

Surprisingly Spider-Man isn’t too funny in this issue, though that could be because he’s nearly always knocked out or half awake, but Rocket and other elements keep the laughs going. There’s a fun segue between scenes for instance, that reveals the rating of an intergalactic brewpub that’s a reminder it’s hard out there in space but not so different from our world. In actuality, the real meat when it comes to character in this issue involves Flash and his immense respect for Spider-Man.

Artist Kevin Maguire draws a mean issue reminiscent of Mike Allred here and there, that has a nice rounded and pleasing look. Agent Venom looks top notch and badass in his military look and a drunk and sad Rocket is pretty darn good too.

A very nice page indeed!

It can’t be perfect can it?

The comic doesn’t do much in the way of explaining when anything is taking place, which is a frustrating element of the issue. I had to read the solicit to understand in fact, that the first page was now in Central Park, and the transition was to an earlier time. This discombobulated my experience as the story progressed.

Save for that, the action sequence in this issue was rather tame and at times hard to follow. I was questioning how Flash was even standing at one point (and fans of the villain he fights will be up in arms with how easy it was for him to subdue him) and there’s no explanation to it. On top of that, the heroes get way too lucky and the action plays out in a stereotypical way where you’ll never doubt they’ll win. The lack of threat and stakes hurts the action sequence and much of the issue in fact. You’ll never doubt Spidey will be saved or the heroes will prevail.

Is It Good?

A fun done in one issue that looks good and captures Flash’s immense respect for Spider-Man. There’s a bit of humor, but ultimately the action sequence falls flat due to the lack of any stakes at all.

Guardians of the Galaxy #14 Review
Solid art that's appealing to the eyeA few humorous momentsFlash reveals his total and utter respect for Spidey
Spider-Man is more of a damsel that does nothing in thisI was completely confused as to when this was taking placeAction sequence in the end lacks stakes and it goes way too easily for our heroes
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