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Romulus #2 Review

After a great opening issue, Romulus returns this week with a storyline that introduces the Illuminati (without assistance from any poorly edited YouTube videos backed by EDM soundtracks). Is it good?

Romulus #2 (Image Comics)


  • I was already biased toward the scientist Ashlar saved because his name is Nicholas. His blunt observations/rebuttals make me love him even more.
  • Kind of hard to argue with someone after they pull out a tooth, though.
  • Glad Taylor Swift doesn’t have these type of powers…or does she?
  • Yeah, I’d strongly suggest not speaking about Ashlar’s mother anymore.
  • Gotta hate it when a masked assassin crashes your VIP meet-and-greet.
  • Not sure who this politician/leader of the New World Order is, but I liked her better when she was (privately) being honest.
  • When a psychic makes an offer, you should probably take it.

Is It Good?

There’s a whole lot to like in Romulus’ second issue—with only minor things to quibble about. That’s a very good sign. A high concept series like this will often times blow most of or all its creativity on the first issue before immediately falling into a derivative rut. Thankfully, it’s clear that Bryan Hill has a crazy wall full of intriguing plot points and narrative journeys for us to enjoy.

The only thing I didn’t like was also the issue’s most exciting scene. While I love the look of the Hunters (especially the way Nelson Blake II draws them), the way this one behaved was quite different from what I expected based on what we’ve seen before. That being said, I trust Hill to develop and connect this new thread in a way that will end up making sense.

And despite my issues with the Hunter’s characterization, the action sequence resulting from his appearance is phenomenal. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard of Nelson Blake II before, but I sure as hell will be following his work from here on out. He has an incredible knack for portraying motion from one panel to the next.

Blake also draws beautiful, highly emotive faces, which does wonders to enhance the issue’s script. And don’t even get me started on the Wolf Dream splash page. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it—and you’ll probably want a print of it, too.

Although I liked the first issue a little more, one area where Romulus #2 seems slightly better is the interaction between Nicholas and Ashlar. They have completely opposite personalities, but very similar drives and ethos, which makes for some wonderful dialogue.

Combine all of that with some great new story seeds, and Romulus #2 should assuage any second issue letdown concerns. Unlike the conspiracy theories that your uncle posts about on Facebook, this series is the real deal.


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