The Justice League were hacked and now it’s time to figure out who did it and take them out…unless it’s not a supervillain at all. We review to answer the question, is it good?

Justice League #10 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The full summary reads:

“OUTBREAK” part three! The identity of the Justice League’s mysterious new villain is revealed as the League uncovers a shocking connection to the Kindred invasion. This mysterious new foe ups the ante by releasing dozens of the team’s enemies from prisons around the world!

Why does this book matter?

After two action packed issues this third chapter reveals the culprit behind the Justice League getting their butts whipped. Who is the hacker that somehow hacked Green Lantern’s ring…and destroyed Batman’s cave? Find out now!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

That kid may have just peed his pants.

Writer Bryan Hitch delivers an answer to who is behind the Justice League’s near defeat and it’s…quite unique! There’s some hacker jargon thrown about, a good explanation, and a compelling idea behind it all that reveals maybe the biggest threats come from those had no intention of hurting anyone. That’s a scary idea, which gives this story’s premise a compelling angle that seems fitting given our current world.

After that’s out of the way, the remaining 9 pages are all action with plenty of surprises for the Justice League to take on. Fans of the deep rogues gallery of the DCU should dig this section of the book with villains I forgot existed showing up.

The art in this issue is top notch; Neil Edwards outdoes himself with lots of detail, fantastic expressions (just look at the son aghast at seeing Batman at his front door) and solid inking by Daniel Henriques and colors by Adriano Lucas. The characters look straight out of the real world with highly detailed illustrations,and plenty of good breakdowns to keep your interest in the scenes even though the characters are simply walking around a kitchen talking. The action scenes are quite fun with a good use of blur to enhance the chaotic nature of suburbia literally blowing up.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There are a couple details in this narrative that don’t add up. Take for instance the opening, where we see Batman asking the culprit to come with him and the Justice League. Instead of going with them, he convinces them to stay because the neighborhood gossips are talking about them across the street. That really works?! The Justice League could be potentially walking into a trap and why would they not bring this guy in on their terms? While the big idea of the narrative is interesting, the explanation runs on too long and is hard to buy into. I won’t spoil the big reveal, but considering the Justice League is threatened and defeated by something so domestic is a joke.

Pacing wise, the script goes to great lengths to make the threat meaningful for way too long. Over half the book is dedicated to something that’s ultimately silly, which makes the payoff not worth the time invested.

The enemy of the Justice League…gossip!

Is It Good?

Justice League #10 delivers a new threat that’s modern and creative. Whether you buy in or not will determine if you love or hate this issue, but you can’t argue that the last 9 pages of action aren’t fun and dynamic.

Justice League #10 Review
Strong art throughout from the entire teamInteresting premise behind how the hack worksAction packed second half
The hack is perpetrated in a way that makes the Justice League a jokeSpends way too much time explaining the hack
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