The Incarnations storyline ends this week as Moon Knight attempts to lock down the voices in his head. Can he, and is it good?

Moon Knight #9 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Read our exclusive preview which has plenty of pages to see too.

Why does this book matter?

The last issue of Moon Knight was trippy in a lot of cool and original ways. For starters, it had four different artists drawing it, which helped separate each Moon Knight-self version from each other. Jeff Lemire is putting on a show with this series as it is showing us ways comic books can tell stories better than other formats.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

What is he on about?

Once again, the mix of artists makes this issue a lot of fun. When artists switch you get a visual punch in the face, which helps sell the battle Moon Knight is going through to remove his other selves and take charge of his mind. The issue opens with James Stokoe drawing a portion with the space-man character (who has a wonderful conclusion in this issue), which then cuts to Greg Smallwood’s visceral and dreamlike New York realm as the main Moon Knight talks it out with his other selves. From there, Jeff Lemire has each artist draw their storyline’s Moon Knight with plenty of action too. Francesco Francavilla captures a classic, more simple style that’s quite cool, which then switches to Wilfredo Torres’ even more simple style. The simpler style suits this portion as it’s calmer and less hectic than other sections.

Though Moon Knight #9 is the last in the story arc, Lemire ends things with a cliffhanger that’ll get you pumped up for the next chapter.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is certainly not for anyone who hasn’t read at least the last issue as it’s mostly climax and conclusion. Ultimately this is a battle of selves and not much more, which did make me wish there was more to the character development.

Stop pointing it’s very aggressive!

Is It Good?

Moon Knight #9 is a fantastic issue that reminds readers the comic book format is unique and offers storytelling techniques you can’t get in other mediums. The story wraps up well in a visual way you won’t want to miss.

Moon Knight #9 Review
Awesome use of multiple artists!A satisfying conclusion
It's not the stories fault per se, but it focuses so much on beating the selves that it lacks the introspective character workDo not start reading here!
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