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Chimichanga: The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face #3 Review

The chimichanga is a deep fried burrito featured in Tex-Mex cuisine. Mmm…meat and cheese in a fried tortilla. Hold on – this is not a food review. Ah yes, I must have been dreaming of an authentic chimichanga to keep my mind off this last issue.

Chimichanga: The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

I had high hopes for this issue as we were led to believe we were going to learn the intriguing origin of Chimi. Alas, Chimi’s beginning is merely mentioned in passing. In two images we glean the back story of how Chimi and Lulu met and why the flatulent witch is menacing them. This should be a significant moment, yet it is glossed over without detail. It leaves me to wonder if Powell has not created a back story for Chimi. Instead, three pages are spent illustrating the Ooby Dooby song. We are subject to page after page of this ridiculous group of blue skinned, oompa loompa-like creatures with brill cream hair and jeans stomping around. This just seems like a big miss for the storyline.

The only redeeming factor is Buscema’s art. She continues to impress with a talent for creating expressions and a dazzling use of color. Her artful drawings were the only thing getting me through the Ooby Dooby pages. Unfortunately for Powell the art overshadows the story as the stronger component.


Lulu and Chimi embark on silly adventures with overtones of human kindness, acceptance and occasional adult humor. The comic is essentially light hearted and for a younger audience but you should still have a strong storyline. I felt like my time was being wasted waiting for the story to continue. There was not enough explanation of the witch’s animosity. We are told she gave an egg to Lulu and that she cut off her chin whiskers. What we don’t know is whether or not this is a trade? A dupe on the part of the witch, thinking she gave her a fake egg? Did she know what she gave Lulu and it was meant to bring her harm? There was so little information we still have no idea where Chimi came from. Well an egg, but from where and why?


Overall this is a juvenile themed issue peppered with toilet humor and sidekick filler. The only redeeming moments are when the flatulent witch claims to have aspirations of being a pharmaceutical giant and Ronny has an epiphany about friendship. Other than that the witch is uninteresting and I want to boil the Ooby Doobies in the sleeping potion.

Did I like It? Yikes! Sorry Chimichanga. There are a few funny notes, but overall you fell flat this time.

My Fears? Powell has not thought beyond the baseline adventures. After being disappointed by the lack of an origin story I am fearful there will not be a solid conclusion.


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