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Green Valley #3 Review

I’ve been getting Dark Ages vibes from this series due to its slow build up but also because there’s an undercurrent of mystery. After reading this issue it’s quite clear Green Valley is wholly original, but of a similar cloth. We delve in to answer the question: is it good?

Green Valley #3 (Image Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

“THE WIZARD REVEALED” MAX LANDIS & GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI’s epic adventure takes an unexpected turn!

Why does this book matter?

Max Landis has written a compelling story that’s character first as he’s built up each character and ripped their hearts out. Green Valley‘s band of knights are battered and nearly broken, but last issue introduced a boy who required their aid and reinvigorated them. As the issue closed, Giuseppe Camuncoli’s pencils revealed magic was afoot!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Tears in the sky could be a great Sinéad O’Connor song..

Green Valley #3 continues with the slower pace of the series that has been a pleasure as it captures the reality of the situations. The official summary indeed is tackled in this issue, but with a twist; the kind of twist that could make unsuspecting readers do a spit take. Indeed, Landis flips the script so to speak and to say any more would spoil things for readers. There’s clever use of well-tucked details that will get readers thinking too and should allow for plenty of theories.

It’s not all about the twist though as Landis connects the action to the characters’ deeper emotions. There’s a downright beautiful double page spread that conveys the heartache and pain one of the characters goes through in an intense moment. The moment not only conveys a tragic and grotesque memory, but will assuredly pay it forward to future dramatic scenes.

The pencils by Camuncoli, inks by Cliff Rathburn, and colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu (with letters by Pat Brosseau) pull off quite a lot in this issue given how subtle their work is. From the crisp and realistic looking rain in the opening pages, to a rather cool 3D effect when the characters are shaken — there’s a lot to like in this issue. The fire-lit scenes have a warmth to them that’s misleading when you consider the doom these characters face. The double page spread of tragedy I mentioned earlier is glorious due to the color, penciled details and sharp inks. There’s also a slick effect in Bert’s eyes when he flips out with dark ink used around his eyes that make him go from hero to nutter in a flash.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There’s no denying the slower pace makes one wish for the next issue nearly before the issue you’re reading ends; Green Valley #3 has a lot more action and less character work than previous installments, which makes the slower pace a little more evident too. Ultimately this is the type of series that can be best enjoyed in one long go, but if you’re like me and want answers this is the way to go.

There be dragons! Maybe.

Is It Good?

Though the pace might just kill someone, especially with a story with such a delicious subtle reveal, this is another good issue. Green Valley is a gorgeous book with a story that will get you talking around the watercooler in no time.


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