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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2 Review

Mole Man has attacked New York City! Thankfully, this happened in the Renew Your Vows universe, which means that Spider-Man has his awesome (and super powered) wife MJ to help him out. Unfortunately, his daughter (also super powered) was taken hostage by the subterranean scumbag before they could save her.

This week, we get to see the high stakes shenanigans play out from Mary Jane’s point of view. Is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2 (Marvel Comics)



  • If my mom could websling, then I would’ve missed the bus in elementary school every day.
  • I’m all about giving your children the freedom to form their own ideas, but I’m not sure most parents would take it that far…
  • Whether it’s running a business or brawling with bad guys, the MJ of this universe is a total badass.
  • Norman Osborne’s kid (not Harry) may be a douche, but you gotta respect the hair game.
  • Peter/MJ have always made a good team, but this is fun to watch.
  • The Ground—Mole Man’s most formidable weapon.

Is It Good?

It’s so great seeing Ryan Stegman on a Spider-title again, especially when we get the added bonus of a rampaging dinosaur. Not only are his designs great, but he fills each panel and page with unbridled energy.

Story-wise, Gerry Conway’s script isn’t anywhere near his best work. Fortunately, “average” Conway is still good stuff. The voice he gives MJ is distinctly different from Peter’s and even more enjoyable. He also manages to pull off a linear timeline with the last issue while also providing the reader with some new narrative to enjoy.


I do wish the subplots with Oscorp, Spidey’s power issues, and the Mole Man’s attack would pick up a bit. I understand that there’s only so much you can do in a single issue, but the series’ overarching story is so thin right now that it feels like more of a distraction compared to the character work.

In Conway’s defense, however, the character work really is great. If the story seeds he’s can intertwine themselves with the rest of the script, then Renew Your Vows could go from a “fun” book to a classic. Either way, though, it’s still a good read if you’re a Spidey fan.


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