It seems as if Aquaman is in the news more than ever, between the recent casting of Patrick Wilson fargo-season-2-the-castle-image-patrick-wilson-600x401as the villain Ormin and the updated release date of October 5, 2018. After speaking with current Aquaman writer Dan Abnett, it’s clear how society views Aquaman is a big part of his character.

As Abnett put it:

He’s used as a gag character, …The idea that he’s an also ran, a hanger on, a joke, a novelty superhero with powers that are a bit weird…

The jokes continue in fact, as YouTube channel AOK recently published a rather hilarious rendition of the character this week. You can view the video in its entirety below. Your favorite Justice League members make appearances including Batman and Superman who have very little patience for the man who talks to fish.

This video has us wondering, will Jason Mamoa make out with a dolphin? We’ll find out October 5th, 2018!


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